Therapeutic, Naturist & Tantric Massage for Men

naturist environment massage

receiving a massage is a wonderful experience, to be able to spend a period of time dedicated to yourself to give yourself the time to relax and unwind. some people when having a massage can find the traditional draping methods used a distraction - having the towels moved around etc. some people prefer to receive their massages undraped - which is great, and that is an option that is available within the standard price of a massage.

others prefer to have a treatment in a full naturist environment, where both therapist and client are naked throughout. by allowing ourselves to be completely naked infront of each other removes most barriers, there really is nothing to hide. this level of mutual trust and respect brings such a powerful connection to the massage.

anything discussed or that takes place within a treatment is completely confidential and will not be discussed with anyone else, your privacy will be respected at all times. when "out in the street" if i meet a client i allow them to make the first acknowledgement, i will never talk to a client without invitation.

what happens?

different therapists and clients have different expectations and experiences of naturist massage. or some may be coming for a naturist massage for the first time, and to allow you to feel comfortable with what happens below is an outline of a treatment.

upon your arrival (i work from home with a massage practice room), i will greet you at the door and show you into the treatment room and invite you to take a seat and offer a drink. i will then leave the treatment room for you to undress while I fetch a drink and undress myself. when a client undresses i offer them a soft dressing robe to change into, as i do myself. when i return to the room i will then disrobe, and either take the robe off for you or invite you to take it off yourself - whichever you prefer.

before we begin the treatment i'll off you a hot towel to use to freshen up along with a glass of water.

for a first appointment I will ask you to complete a client case-history, this is a very simple form that asks a few questions about you and your health to help me understand what you may be looking for from the treatment. but most importantly if there are any contra-indications to the treatment.

we will then have a chat about the treatment, what areas do you wish to have worked on, what would you like to get from the treatment etc. once done the the massage can begin, there is no set routine for the treatment as each treatment is tailoured to the clients needs at that time.